Handcrafted jewelry that is unique as you are.

Each fire painted copper piece is one of a kind because of the process I use to create them. Each piece has it's own colors and patterns making it truly unique.


Behind the Scenes

The video above is a little bit of behind the scenes. Fire painting copper is a multi-step process and it's really interesting to see the colors develop. Many factors come into play including the barometric pressure to the gauge and design of the copper to the heat of the torch.

  • Small Teardrop

    One of the most popular shapes and size. These small teardrops are perfect for any occasion!

  • Frame Shape

    I love these for their unique shapes and color combinations.

  • Stick

    These beauties are so lightweight you will forget they are on!

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  • Review

    One of a kind earrings!ALL the things! I cannot say enough great things about this piece of jewelry! I received these from a very good friend on a day that was not the best. The earrings were beautiful and one of a kind…but it is more than that! There were also words of love and beauty that really did bring tears to my eyes and put a smile on my face. THANK YOU Dana Connor for sharing your talent and making the world we live in a happier and more loving place.

  • Review

    Absolutely beautiful work. I have been looking for fire painted copper hoops for awhile and knew instantly I had found them. I had been looking for specific colors of blues and greens and these were exactly what I had been searching for as opposed to the more frequently found fire reds and oranges. I will now follow and return for more pieces in the future.

  • Review

    I can’t rave enough about these beautiful earrings! I couldn’t decide on one so I purchased two pairs and I’m so glad that I did. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more designs ♥️